Navigating Your Financial Safety with Sanlam Income Protection

Navigating Your Financial Safety with Sanlam Income Protection

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Ensuring financial security is crucial, particularly when unforeseen health issues might impact your ability to work. Sanlam offers a comprehensive suite of income protection plans that prioritise flexibility and comprehensive coverage. While these plans provide a solid foundation for financial stability, the true value comes from personalised guidance in selecting and tailoring these protections to your unique needs.

Why Choose Sanlam Income Protection?

Sanlam’s income protection insurance is designed to provide substantial choice and flexibility, allowing you to customise your coverage to align perfectly with your life circumstances. 

How Sanlam Income Protection Works

Upon loss of income due to disability or illness, you’ll receive a monthly income based on your chosen cover. We recommend consulting a financial adviser to tailor your protection perfectly to your needs. Coverage can be designed to replace approximately 85% of your net income, considering any existing income protection you may have.

Why Sanlam stands out:

Integrated Coverage Options: Sanlam allows you to combine income protection with life insurance, disability cover, and severe illness benefits, enhancing your coverage and simplifying your insurance landscape.

Tailored to Your Needs: With options like the Indie Income Protection and Matrix Premier Income Protection, you can secure up to R250,000 per month in tax-free income, with additional features like family protection and significant cashback benefits.

Sanlam’s Income Protection Products

Indie Income Protection: 

Offering up to R100,000 per month tax-free, this product is ideal for immediate, flexible coverage, helping maintain your lifestyle without work. Benefits include yearly inflation adjustments, a built-in Wealth Bonus, and adaptable premiums.

Matrix Premier Income Protection: 

Tailored for higher coverage needs, offering up to R250,000 per month tax-free. Features include optional family protection, Sanlam Reality discounts, and a significant Cashback benefit after 15 years

The Benefits of Choosing Sanlam’s Income Protection 

Reliable Monthly Income: If you become disabled or ill, Sanlam ensures a steady, tax-free income, allowing you and your family to maintain your standard of living.

Flexibility for Business Owners and Employees: For business owners, this cover could enable hiring someone to manage business operations in your absence. If you’re employed, it can supplement inadequate employer-provided cover or add to your income during reduced work capacity due to health issues.

Support During Partial Workability: Even if you can work but face additional expenses due to your condition, Sanlam’s cover can top up your salary, helping manage new financial burdens seamlessly.

Premium Waiver During Claims: While you benefit from the claim payouts, Sanlam waives the premiums, easing your financial load.

The Role of Maysure Financial Services

Choosing the right income protection involves more than just understanding the benefits of different policies. Here’s where Maysure Financial Services comes in:

Decades of Expertise: With years of experience in the financial industry, Maysure’s advisors bring a depth of knowledge that is invaluable in navigating the complexities of income protection.

Personalised Financial Journey: At Maysure, the focus is on your unique financial situation. Our advisors are committed to understanding your individual needs and guiding you through selecting and customising the right Sanlam plan for you.

Independent Advice Focused on Your Interests: The advantage of working with Maysure is the assurance that your financial well-being is the priority. Our independent advisors are here to ensure that the choices you make truly serve your best interests, without any undue influence from external parties.

Why Personalised Advice Matters

Understanding Your Coverage Needs: Maysure’s advisors help you determine how much coverage you need, factoring in your current financial situation and any existing income protection you may have.

Adjusting for Life Changes: As your life evolves, so do your financial needs. Maysure is here to adjust your coverage accordingly, ensuring that your income protection grows with you.

Ensuring Comprehensive Protection: Whether you’re a business owner needing to secure operations in your absence or an employee looking to supplement inadequate cover, 

Maysure’s personalised approach ensures that every aspect of your life is protected.


Sanlam Income Protection ensures that your financial future remains secure against unexpected health challenges. With customisable features, significant income replacement, and additional financial planning tools, Sanlam not only protects your income but invests in your long-term financial well-being. Remember, with Sanlam, you’re not just insuring your income; you’re safeguarding your family’s future and your peace of mind.