Income Protection: The Benefits of Choosing PPS

Income Protection: The Benefits of Choosing PPS

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Introduction to Income Protection Insurance

In a world filled with uncertainties, maintaining a stable financial situation is crucial, especially when health issues can interrupt your professional life. Income Protection Insurance is your financial backup plan, providing you with monthly benefits if illness or injury prevent you from working. This coverage isn’t just about safeguarding your income; it’s about ensuring your lifestyle remains unchanged during difficult times.

Why PPS Income Protection Stands Out

Professionals Choice Income Protection Insurance, offered by PPS, is tailored for graduate professionals who require a nuanced approach to income security. What sets it apart is its comprehensive design, catering to the unique needs and financial obligations of professionals. Here’s how PPS supports your financial wellbeing:

  1. Versatile Coverage Options: PPS offers the flexibility of Split Income Protection. This option allows you to secure coverage both within and outside the Superannuation framework, enabling you to manage your premium costs effectively while enjoying extensive protection.
  2. Enhanced Benefits Through Superannuation: Investing in your future has never been easier. With PPS, you can opt for coverage through the PPS Mutual Super Fund, which allows for rollover payments from your existing super fund. This not only simplifies the process but also offers a 15% Rollover Rebate, making it a cost-effective choice.

Key Features of PPS Income Protection

  • Sickness and Permanent Incapacity Benefit: Life can throw unexpected challenges at you, such as sudden illnesses or injuries that could limit your professional capabilities. PPS’s Sickness and Permanent Incapacity benefit is designed to supplement your income during such times, ensuring you remain financially stable.
  • Functional Disability Benefit: If a permanent impairment were to hinder your professional duties, the Functional Disability benefit provides financial protection against severe conditions that impair daily functions. Whether it’s impaired vision or more severe conditions like paraplegia, PPS ensures you’re covered.
  • Critical Illness Cover: Facing a severe illness is challenging enough without the added burden of financial stress. PPS’s Critical Illness Cover offers a lump-sum payment upon diagnosis and survival of life-altering illnesses, such as cancer or stroke. This benefit is crucial as it provides financial relief, allowing you to focus solely on recovery.

The PPS Advantage

Becoming a member of PPS does more than just insure you. It integrates you into a community where you share in the operational and investment returns through the PPS Profit-Share Account™. This unique feature not only enhances your insurance benefits but also aligns with your professional growth and financial success.


Your ability to earn an income is undoubtedly your most valuable asset. With PPS Income Protection Insurance, you are not just insuring your income; you are investing in your future and peace of mind. Protect yourself from the financial implications of unforeseen health issues and ensure your lifestyle remains intact. Remember, it’s not about choosing your challenges, but about choosing how you face them. Secure your tomorrow, today with PPS.