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Tax Law Changes: Effects On Estate Planning

Within the South African tax sphere, changes are continuously made to ensure fair and balanced taxed households.

Every business owner, employee, and regular individual must be in the know regarding tax laws implemented in South Africa. We at Maysure Financial Services have a firm grasp on estate administration and the relevant tax laws. Keep reading to find out more about changes to tax and the related effects on your estate. 

What are the current changes to tax law?

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Proposal of exit tax on retirement interests (for now)

You may wonder what ‘exit tax’ means’? In simple terms, it is the tax that is payable (when you leave the country) on either foreign fixed property, trusts, shares, or unit trusts as well as similar investments. All of this forms part of the standard process for emigration.

The proposal of introducing an exit tax was drafted last year but has since been on hold. During this “hold”, no tax will be charged on the assets sold. As a result, now is potentially a good time to move for those looking to leave.

Conversations are still ongoing. as the proposal will be re-examined later this year. Here at Maysure Financial Services, we assist you to prepare for the future of your estate and retirement by planning according to what regulations and legislation are in place.

Use of retirement interest to obtain annuities

In the past, an individual could not acquire annuities upon their retirement. However, now, because of the amendment to the Income Tax Act, individuals can choose from different types of annuities. Retirement annuities are an excellent vehicle of income for retirees.

Estate duty

Estate duty should not be an unfamiliar term. Well, that is if you have written a will and made plans for your estate upon your death. 

There are no changes to the tax regarding this particular aspect of estate planning. But, it must be noted once a deceased person’s assets have been filed. This is essential because it is the ultimate duty of the executor to ensure the duty levied on the property of the deceased is paid.

Estate duty is charged on movable or immovable properties/assets of a deceased person. Among other responsibilities, the executor needs to know the value of these assets. 

At Maysure Financial Services, we offer estate administration services to ensure everything is distributed according to your final wishes and loved ones’ needs. 

Capital and income gains tax

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When you pass away, your tax expense doesn’t leave earth with you. SARS has the right to claim what is owed to them before any finalisation of an estate. These include income tax, capital gains tax, donations tax, and any other form of tax that may be applicable.

Capital gains tax refers to a tax that is not separate but forms part of income tax. A capital gain occurs when you dispose of an asset for proceeds that exceed its base cost. This tax is normally for companies, individuals, or trusts.

A resident of South Africa, as stated in the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962, is responsible for capital gain tax on assets that are located both in and outside South Africa.

Whistles a  non-resident is responsible for capital gain tax only on immovable property in South Africa or assets of a “permanent establishment”  in South Africa. 

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How all of these tax laws affect your estate

Drafting an estate plan shows your loved ones that you care for them and understand the importance of planning. Tax laws make up an important part of estate planning which may affect your estate in the unfortunate but inevitable event of your death. 

In many ill-fated cases, families are left in devastating financial and emotional situations because of hefty tax penalties and red tape. A financial professional can help you to navigate the intricate web of tax regulations and stipulations. 

Changes are inevitable. It is how you plan around them that matters.

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If you need assistance in understanding Acts and Laws concerning your estate, don’t hesitate to call us.

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Maysure Financial Services is a registered financial services provider. FSP 15173

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Moving from a Bull to a Bear Market

The Maysure logo has a bull and a bear in it. This is no mistake.

The two animals which make up our icon illustrate how we partner with our clients during the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to investing their money. Developing wealth over the long-term can feel overwhelming at times, especially in times of crisis, so its important to have a planning partner who understands your personal needs.

Long-term investing can be dauting and looking at a market such as the one we currently find ourselves in, every instinct can be to get up and run. To pull out all your investments because watching them dip dramatically is too much to handle.

When it comes to your current long-term portfolio, its important not to make any rash decisions without speaking to your advisor. A market like this might seem dangerous and terrifying, especially when it comes to your long-term investments, but all throughout history these are the markets where waiting it out for investors has worked out.

We currently find ourselves in what we would call a bear market, and having just been in a bull market, things can feel upside down.

A bull market is on the rise in a stable economy, and it feels safe. A bear market is unstable with stocks declining in value as the economy is receding.

One of the most iconic investors of our time, Warren Buffet made most of his money in a bear market. He is famously quoted on saying

“The investor of today does not profit from yesterday’s growth.”

“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”

What goes down must come up, and when it’s down the price and value you pay for certain stocks and investments means that ultimately, when they go up again you will have more value in your stocks than you would have had if you purchased them during a bull market phase.

We believe now is the best time to consider investing in the Sygnia Life Berkshire Hathaway Fund.

This innovative and low-cost fund gives South Africans access to the global investment powerhouse Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Run by two iconic executives: Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett and Vice-Chairman Charles T. Munger.

More on the fund

Berkshire “A” shares are valued at over four million rand per share, this means that the stock has a high average annual growth rate. It was previously closed to a small group of investors, but you now have the opportunity to invest in this fund through the Sygnia Life Berkshire Hathaway Fund.

Investing in a fund developed by someone who made his fortune off of markets like the one we are in, betting on that fund at a time like this could pay off.

Being in a bear market is ideal for someone who wants to invest and is prepared to ride the wave.

Get in touch with us if you would like to know more about this fund.

If you would like to discuss this further, feel free to get in touch with us.

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Blog: How to go digital with your financial planning

First things first, the world around us has changed, and most importantly, we have to look at how to adapt accordingly in the various areas of our lives.

Many people have found themselves in a position where they are attending online or virtual meetings for the first time! There are so many teething pains in terms of how we use tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype. Not always knowing the answers or how to use these tools can seem intimidating, but we have to be prepared to change our way of communicating so that we can adapt and thrive during this time.

Discovering new ways of connecting professionally has led to many children and pets inadvertently attending our meetings. Maybe you are one of those professionals who have had this happen, and at the time it’s quite distracting and embarrassing, but after the fact, it’s pretty hilarious.

We’re all seeing a new side of our friends and colleagues, and while these things may not fill in what’s missing – human contact, it helps us to all maintain our humanity, and our personal well-being.

Financial planning in this new digital era might seem daunting, most of us are used to discussing our financial plans face to face with our trusted financial planner, being able to ask all the questions and having them pop us as you go. While we might all miss that interaction, we can’t allow financial planning fall to the wayside because everything has changed.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a few pointers on how to stay connected with your financial advisor during this period and included links to videos that show how to use the three major virtual conferencing that will help to make your experience so much easier.

When it comes to your investments, updating or changing your policies, whether it be life cover, income protector, dreaded disease cover, or anything else, and if you aren’t sure what your policies cover, talk to us.

The most important thing is to keep in contact with us on any area of your financial planning so that we can work together to ensure your future is secured and no hasty decisions are made now that will be regretted later.

Now some of these points may seem pretty obvious, but just in case, here is a shortlist of how to go digital with your financial planning:

  1. Pick up the phone – if you have any questions you can call our offices, we can try to answer them right away
  2. Send an email with your questions


  • Set up a Zoom/Skype/Microsoft Teams virtual meeting if you need more information

Next up, some instructional videos on how to use the various virtual platforms:


Skype Desktop

Microsoft Teams

If you would like to discuss this further, feel free to get in touch with us.

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Dreaded Disease Cover

Being diagnosed with a dreaded disease can have a severe emotional and financial impact on your family. While having dread disease cover won’t completely remove the impact of the disease on the entire family, it will lighten the emotional load by giving your family what it needs to keep going, security in knowing that the financial side of things will be covered.

Dread disease cover is an insurance policy that protects you should you contract one of the diseases on the predetermined list of illnesses with your policy provider. As the policy holder, once you have been diagnosed with a dread disease, you may be paid out a lump sum should you have the benefit on your existing policy.

The contract terms contain specific rules that define when a diagnosis of a critical illness is considered valid. It may state that the diagnosis need be made by a physician who specialises in that disease or condition, or it may name specific tests, e.g. EKG changes of a myocardial infarction, that confirm the diagnosis.

“Henk Meintjes, Head of Risk Product Development at Liberty, said that more young people than ever before are being diagnosed with illnesses like cancer and cardiovascular disease. Cancer is the top claim cause at 24.3% [of our number of claims], and cardiovascular conditions a close second at 20%. And while cancer affects people of all ages, it was 16% for young achievers – the millennials – and 21% for young parents.” via Health24

Serious illnesses are a reality for us all, but the sooner you are diagnosed, the sooner you can act, and get the treatment you need. We are starting to see that dread disease’s do not discriminate, it doesn’t matter how old you are or what stage of life you’re at, anyone is at risk of contracting any of these diseases. While genes play a part, not everyone who contracts one of these diseases has a family history of the illness, this means that now, more than ever it’s essential to have a dread disease benefit to protect your finances should you contract a life-threatening illness.

With medical advancements you are more likely to survive a major health crisis, than to die from one, but the financial strain can impact your family, self-esteem and ability to keep going emotionally.

In 2018 PPS paid out R266,150,250.00 in cancer claims alone, with a total of R541,665,520.00 in sickness benefits that covered not only cancer, but diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue, diseases of the circulatory system, psychological illness and more. Refer to our post PPS: 2018 in Reviewfor more details on causes and conditions most claimed for last year.

These policies can cover you against cancer, stroke, coronary artery bypass, heart disease and more. Speak to your broker about what is on the predetermined list on your current policy or to apply for dread disease cover via your existing policy or through a new application.

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Retirement Planning: A Goal We All Hope To Achieve

Retirement is something that most of us have dreamed about since our youth. Perhaps you envision traveling the country and soaking up the best that South Africa has to offer. Maybe you want to whittle away your days at a house on the dam, fishing and enjoying nature. Regardless of what ideal retirement looks like for you, retirement is a goal we all hope to achieve.

Just wanting and dreaming to be retired isn’t enough. In order to retire and actually enjoy your time in retirement, you need the right amount of money saved, invested, or otherwise available once you stop working. The exact Rand amount you need to retire will vary greatly depending on your personal needs. It may seem incredibly daunting to be saving for an extended period in your life where you will have no steady income, but don’t worry, with a bit of sound advice and planning, the retirement of your dreams is well within your reach.

According to the national Treasury, only 6% of South Africans can afford to retire comfortably – and this figure has been the same for the past 25 years, which means that people are simply not planning for their retirement properly, leaving them and their families high and dry.

If you want to have a successful retirement, you need to figure out what that means to you. Do some life planning for retirement, set goals and create a plan that allows you to achieve your retirement goals. Here are some handy tips to remember when making your retirement plans that include financial freedom.

  • Start saving at your first job – Beginning to save for retirement in your 20’s and 30’s allows you to start generating valuable compound interest that will accumulate over decades. Tucking away even a small amount will get you into the habit of saving for the future. Don’t worry if you are only starting to save later in life, starting at any time is a step in the right direction. Remember, the best time to start saving for your retirement was yesterday.
  • Save with every salary cheque – Create a monthly debit order right from the start. If you make saving automatic, you won’t be tempted to spend it or forget to make a contribution.
  • As you earn more, pay more – As your income grows, increase the amount you contribute to your savings. Some saving plans even offer automatic escalation, which will gradually increase your contribution amount over time.
  • Avoid unnecessary fees – Some retirement and investment accounts often charge fees for breaks or early withdrawals. Get to know the rules so that you can avoid triggering fees and penalties.
  • Pay off your short-term debt – Your retirement investments should not be used to pay off debts that you acquired during your journey. Short-term debt is one of the things that could derail retirement planning, so paying it off properly, and without dipping into your nest egg is important. Contact us on how best to do this.

The most important part of retirement planning is understanding that it is a life long commitment. Nurture your investments, if you luck out on a major windfall, contribute a portion of that to your savings, keep up to date on interest rates and ask for advice on potential income generating investments.

We want you to live your very best life, at every single stage. Let us assess your financial planning to ensure that even though you might be planning for the best future possible, you are still able to live your very best now. With sound financial advice it truly is possible to have the best of both worlds.

Contact us today.

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Budgeting: How To Budget Effectively

Let’s face it, we have all read the funny meme’s about how long January feels, we all overspent during the festive season and we are all feeling the proverbial pinched purse strings, but managing your finances is really so much more than making sure you make it to the end of January.

Yes, we are about to bring up the most dreaded B word of them all – Budgeting. For most people, budgeting feels like a daunting task, but all it really means is that you’re forecasting a plan for your money to ensure that you’re spending with a purpose – although it might feel like it’s placing financial restrictions on you, it’s actually a process that is freeing up your finances so that you can enjoy that little bit of extra income when necessary, and it’s not just something to do over holiday periods – it’s an ongoing process that should eventually become a habit. Creating a tangible and reasonable plan for your money means that not only will you have an effective strategy when it comes to getting the things you want, but it will also keep you out of debt, or help you if you are currently working your way out of debt. It will also be able to help you pinpoint those months in which money may be a little tight and those months where you have a bit more financial freedom allowing you to even out those unpredictable highs and lows in your finances which can cause a whole lot of unnecessary, and unpleasant stress.

So how do you go about creating a budget that you can easily stick to? Here are 4 simple tips to help you get started.

  • Start with the most important expenses – Make a list of the true necessities, remembering that these might be different for different people. The basic ones are shelter, food, clothing and transport. Once you have listed the absolute necessities then you can fill in the rest of the categories that suit your lifestyle.
  • Be realistic about your wants and your needs – There is no point in doing a budget if you’re not going to be realistic in your forecasts. The more realistic you are about each of your numbers, the more likely it will be for you to stick to your budget.
  • Review and re-calculate – Writing down all your expenses allows you to see where you can cut out on bad spending habits, saving you money. It may seem daunting, but you need to accept that there might be a few items that you just don’t need (and maybe can’t afford) right now. Remember, your budget cuts are only temporary. You can always make adjustments later on down the road.
  • Include an extra category in your budget – Even putting aside a minimal amount every month towards those unforeseen expenses can make a difference. Start small and try increase this contingency amount each month. This money can be used in case of an emergency, such as a car repair or medical expense.

Now that you have an idea on how to get started there are some things to keep in mind. Remember that each month is different and factor in special occasions such as birthdays or holidays – these can affect your budget, so lay them out in your forecast as soon as you begin. Don’t forget your debt. Ideally, you’d want to start with the one with the highest interest rate, paying as much as you can every month. If you have other accounts, pay the minimum balances on those until you’ve paid off the first card, then choose the next card and pay extra for it while you pay minimums on the others.

The most important thing is to remember that life happens – whether we plan for it or not. It’s almost impossible to follow a budget 100% of the time, especially if it is your first time. No matter how disciplined you are, you may overspend time and again, so forgive yourself for small errors and get back on track, as soon as possible. Use your budget as a guide to make better financial decisions going forward.

We understand what a difficult juggling act it can sometimes be to manage your finances, so if you find the task daunting, why not contact us and we can guide you along the path to financial stability. It’s what we do, we are the experts and we want you to make the most of every hard-earned cent.

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The best things in life are (TAX) free…

We think that its pretty safe to say that South Africans have a long-standing legacy of being big spenders but maybe not the best savers. With a nation that includes the majority barely breaking through the breadline, it’s not an unfamiliar feeling to be left wondering how you’re going to make it through the month.

With extreme levels of consumer debt reaching record heights in 2015, the government took the initiative to introduce a ground-breaking concept – Tax Free Investment Accounts – an incentive to encourage long term household savings.

Since then, financial houses have created quite a buzz about the concept, promoting them at every turn, but what exactly are tax free investment accounts and how do they affect you as the tax payer?

Simply put, a tax free investment account is a type of savings account that allows you to invest your money across a combination of financial products such as unit trusts, fixed deposits, bonds and so forth. The main difference between this and traditional savings accounts is that all your income and returns are completely tax free.

The critical advantage of this type of account is that your growth or earnings are exempt from tax on withdrawal, meaning that you won’t pay any tax when you cash out your investment. You’re also able to reinvest your returns and they don’t count towards your annual or lifetime contribution limit. You’re free to withdraw from your tax savings account at any time you wish, however any replacement investment amount is treated as a new contribution and will therefore count towards your annual and lifetime limits.

So how does it work and are there Limits to Tax Free Savings Investments?

Current regulations allow for an annual contribution limit of R33,000 per tax year, with a lifetime limit of R500,000. Once you have reached your lifetime contribution limit of R500,000 no further investment in tax free savings account will be allowed.

Provided that you don’t invest more than R33,000 in total for the tax year, your investment can be spread across as many accounts as you like. It’s important to remember that the annual limitation can’t be carried over to the next tax year, you simply forfeit any unused amount and are given a new annual limit of R33,000 to invest in the following tax year.

A massive benefit is that if you’re a parent, you’re able to open a tax free savings account for your child(ren), but you need to be aware that any contributions you make to this account on their behalf counts towards their annual and lifetime contribution limit.

Choosing the best investment partner

The benefits and features of tax-free savings accounts in South Africa are pretty much standard, so the important part of choosing the best one for you would be to choose the very best advisors and planners. It is critical that you choose a provider who shares the same goals for your unique investment journey. Some companies are willing to carry greater cost for the sake of better customer experiences and others, will rather take the lower cost and the lower quality customer experience.

At Maysure, we understand that investment is so much more than a game of numbers. It is a personal journey that you and your loved ones are undertaking to cement the future for those most important to you. No two journeys are the same, and no two clients will receive the same advice from us. We listen, we talk, we plan – together. You are more than a client for us, you are an unwritten story that we want to help you write.

We truly believe that knowledge is power, and we want to make sure that you know exactly what your money is doing for you.

It is very important to understand Tax-free saving investments shouldn’t replace other types of investments. Keep your portfolio fluid and focus on all aspects of investing with a suggested priority list from your advisors.

You should never sacrifice your maximum retirement savings or reduce your other financial commitments to invest in tax-free savings accounts. Rather see them as a long term investment opportunity that needs to be nurtured and grown as each financial year passes. Another very important consideration to keep in mind is that Tax free investment contributions are NOT tax deductible like RA contributions are, so this needs to be factored into your discussions with your advisors.

As a human being, you know that you’ll have those days in life that you’ll be faced with unexpected expenses. And you’ll either be wishing you had some savings, or you’ll be thanking yourself for saving in the past.

So where to from here? Tax-free investment accounts are a fantastic long-term investment product. Do not use them for your day-to-day savings, do not use them for your emergency fund, do not replace your retirement annuity and do not go into debt to invest in them. Rather speak to us, let us look at your portfolio and advise you on the best way forward. Once all aspects of your financial planning are in order then let us create a road map for the best way to achieve tax free financial growth on further planned investments.

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Maysure Estate Planning: Leave a Lasting Legacy

Leaving a lasting legacy for those you love is ultimately the final gift that you will be giving them. Although it is not a subject that one likes to dwell on, your life cycle is just that, a cycle; and if planned properly you can leave a lasting legacy that will set up those who have been with you on your journey, for generations to come.

A pivotal part of your planning should include estate planning. Simply put, this is ensuring that your lifelong assets such as your car, home, other real estate, savings accounts and other personal possessions and policies are effectively managed in the most appropriate and financially savvy way during your life so that they can keep on giving after your life.

Estate planning is inspired by your life and plans generally consist of a will and other documents that are meant to provide a map for fulfilling your wishes both before and after death. Effective planning includes structuring of estate duties so that taxes are minimised, ensuring sufficient liquidation to cover all your estates financial obligations and protection of inheritance options for future heirs. This planning is not restricted to life policies, and all your assets will be taken into account by your advisors, such as wills and trusts as well as marital contracts and income tax.

It is important to remember that estate planning is so much more than just planning physical assets, but should also include:

  • Provisions for your intrinsic values. Who you are and what you believe in are the cornerstones for your family and should be documented and included. This can include things such as your religious wishes, education choices and family values.
  • Instructions for care should you become disabled. This is vitally important because you might not be of sound mind and your wishes need to be documented before hand should the unforeseen happen.
  • Ensure that instructions for minor children are set in place including the naming of guardians as well as inheritance trustee’s.
  • Trust planning for children who might leave South Africa to either work or live permanently overseas. Ensuring that your legacy is left for them in a protected trust in South Africa, leaves you and them with the peace of mind that they will be looked after, no matter where they decide to lay down their roots.

With the above in mind, an important consideration when undertaking the estate planning process is to set up provisions for the needs of any children who might have disabilities. This can be covered as a “Special Trust Type A”. and should this be relevant to your circumstances, it must be discussed from the outset with your financial advisor, so that it can be included in your directives.

The professionals at Maysure know and understand that to your family, you are their world, and because of this, their expert advice and guidance is inspired by your life. No two clients are the same, and no two clients will be advised the same. Your unique place in life, your personal journey, and the exact position that you are in on this journey will be taken into account, and from there all advice will be tailored and varied to determine the exact services we will offer you to ensure that your unique financial goals are reached.

It may seem like a daunting task to take stock of and financially plan the assets that you have accumulated, but death is not an ‘if’, it is a ‘when’, so doing the necessary groundwork now can reduce burdens of hundreds and thousands of rands for your loved ones. Some pertinent questions to ask your financial advisor should include:

  1. Do I have a will in place?

This is the first step that should be completed whether you have small or large assets. A will establishes how your assets are distributed and without one you will have no control over your wishes upon your death.

  1. Have I designated beneficiaries for all my assets?

This may seem obvious but ensuring that you have properly completed a beneficiary designation form ensures that your assets are transferred correctly and timeously upon your death to the person you have designated.

  1. Have I planned for joint ownership?

A pivotal question when planning your estate, jointly held assets ensure that upon the death of one of the named owners, the assets are passed on the joint owner without the need for laborious court proceedings.

Estate planning is essential to protect those you love, because without a plan in place, the negative repercussions could impact them for years to come. Coming to terms with our own mortality is hard and is usually not something we want to think about. However, if we want our families to be protected and if we want to protect the assets we’ve created, the earlier we start thinking about estate planning the better.

Let the Experts at Maysure advise you on the course of your journey, so that you are free to live your best life, with peace of mind that your legacy is in good hands.

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Maysure Financial Services: Company Profile

Since 2003 the founders of Maysure Financial Services have believed that life happens – whether we plan it, don’t plan it, save for it, don’t save for it, expect it, or don’t expect it…. It happens. But how your life has happened doesn’t dictate how it must be lived. It is simply a journey that you are on, and everything that you have experienced along the way has brought you to this point, and dictates the road you will take from here on out.

Whether you are at the beginning of your journey, or a long way down the path, a specialised team will help you set a firm financial focus and guide you as your journey continues, specifically when it comes to your retirement and estate planning.

Should you be of the Muslim faith, you will have access to a dedicated Muslim team that understand that your earnings must always remain wholesome and pure, this team will guide you with your Sharia Investments and estate planning so as ensure that your journey is sustained and nourished by that which is Halaal.

We believe that your savings are the first step on your journey to your future – we apply expert, large scale, corporate savings principals to your investments, whilst still maintaining the personal, hands on approach of a small firm.

Maysure Financial Services is built on 3 solid propositions:

Serving you – we want to show you how to take your existing wealth and with some uniquely adapted and personalised guidance, turn it into the ground where your future takes root, the ground where you can start saving towards your dreams, passions and goals.

Services that are adapted to your circumstances – they are inspired by your life. The financial service instruments that we offer are as varied as your journey, and your circumstances will determine which services we will offer you to ensure that your unique financial goals are reached.

An understanding of that which is most important to you – Planning your future financial security should not be taken lightly. Our intention is to make your journey one that ends in financial independence, especially because the path is can be so strongly determined by simple consistency. With the right amount of experience, a firm grasp of the latest technology and a personal, hands on approach, our goal is for you hold the key to financial freedom.


When we are inspired by life to make choices that benefit ourselves and our families, it can be very daunting. This is where Maysure’s expert team steps in.

Our range of financial planning services include:

Retirement Planning
We all dream of being able to spend our time as we choose to. It may seem like an inconceivable notion, but effective retirement planning is exactly that – The process of setting retirement income goals and making the decision to do whatever is necessary to achieve them, in order to live your best life.
Effective retirement planning is essential to ensure that you accumulate the necessary funds necessary to give you financial freedom when you no longer enjoy the advantage of receiving a salary.

Sharia investments and estate planning
Sharia law acts as a code for living that all Muslims should adhere to, and this applies to investments and estate planning too. All earnings are to remain wholesome and pure, and no investments should be used for “sin” industries such as alcohol, tobacco, pornography as well as what can be considered unethical industries such as gambling, arms and weaponry.
Being secure in the knowledge that your investments are Halaal and pure is essential to ensure peace of mind; allowing you to graciously reap the rewards of what you have sown.

Investments – Unit Trusts, Endowments and Tax Free
You can empower yourself greatly by understanding the tax on your savings. Different tax structures apply to different investments and knowing exactly what you have and what you’re going to gain is an integral part of financial planning.
Understanding your investment portfolio is essential to ensure that you really are getting the most bang for your bucks.

Life Cover
Life happens, whether we plan for it or not. Having sufficient life cover ensures that the legacy of love that you leave behind for your family is not tainted by financial worries. Life cover can be reinvested to provide your family with an income and also used to cover any outstanding debt that you may have accumulated.
Ensuring the financial freedom of those you love in the event of your death is essential to ensure that they will not be burdened by financial strain and live the life that envisioned for them.

Medical Aid
Life is a precious gift and a well constructed medical aid ensures that you are able to pay for any treatment expenses incurred with regards to your health and wellbeing, on both a day to day basis and an emergency contingent.
Comprehensive medical aid is essential to ensure that you will not be burdened with debilitating medical bills should you fall ill.

Estate Planning
Your estate is comprised of everything that you own – your car, home, other real estate, checking and savings accounts, investments, life insurance, furniture, personal possessions etc. Estate planning is ensuring that your asset base is managed in the event of your incapacitation or death in an appropriate and financially savvy way.
Estate planning is essential to protect your loved ones, because without a plan in place, there could be a long-lasting negative impact on their future.

Offshore Investing
Offshore Investing allows you to spread your investment risk across different economies and regions. It also gives you access to industries and companies that may not be available locally.
Being strategic with your offshore investment is essential to allow you to make adjustments to your investment portfolio to accommodate the ebb and flow of well performing international markets and maximise your returns.

Fiduciary Services
Being in the position to leave a legacy is a wonderful gift, but it is also a complex one that must be thought through carefully. Fiduciary services help you preserve, grow and distribute your wealth the way you want, both during your lifetime and the lifetimes of your loved ones.
With a thorough fiduciary plan comes financial peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the important things in life – living it the best way you can.

We pride ourselves on a providing a personalised service because we are a small, tight knit team; but our investment tactics and guidance are based on solid corporate principals that are applied across the board, no matter the size of the portfolio.